Customer Care


Our fully dedicated team of customer care coordinators and technicians, both in-house and in the field, are dedicated to making your customer experience second-to-none.  We work together with our suppliers and manufacturers and ensure that all questions and concerns are resolved to our customers’ satisfaction – leaving each client with a lasting memory of how well they were treated.


We take the time to ensure that every little detail is just right, from start to finish and even beyond project completion. While there is no guarantee that you’ll ever need your flooring warranty, it’s still important to know and understand what your options are and how to protect your home. We can help you choose a warranty that aligns with your specific floor type, guarantees protection for many years to come and gives you peace of mind. We stand behind the products we offer and the suppliers we work with so you can rest assured, if something does go sideways, we will be there bridging the gap between you and the warranty provider.

Still have questions? We’re happy to chat and help answer all your questions.